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The Pipeline Co., Ltd. Party Committee Inspection Team Feedback Inspection Tour Meeting Held in Wu'an Industrial Park

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1218日,公司党委巡察组向武安工业区党委反馈内部巡察情况。 According to the arrangement of the company's party committee inspection work leading group, on December 18 , 2019 , the company's party committee inspection team reported the internal inspection to the Wu'an Industrial Zone party committee. Song Lien, director of the office of the company's party committee inspection leading group, and Ge Lishuo, deputy leader of the company's party inspection team, attended the meeting. Li Xiaodong, Party Secretary and Executive Director of Wu'an Industrial Zone presided over the meeting.

93日至918日,公司党委巡察组对武安工业区进行了内部巡察。 According to the deployment of the Party Committee of Cast Pipe Co., Ltd., from September 3 to September 18 , 2019 , the company's party committee inspection team conducted an internal inspection of Wu'an Industrial Park. The inspection team conscientiously implemented the inspection work regulations, grasped the political standing, guided by the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches, guided by the "Four Consciousness", and guided by the Party Constitution, Party Rules and Discipline, and paid close attention to the leadership of party organizations and party members. The cadres thoroughly revealed the outstanding issues in comprehensively administering the party strictly and administering enterprises according to law, and carried out inspections and supervision in a strict and practical manner. Through extensive individual talks, we earnestly accepted letters and visits from the masses, reviewed relevant documents and materials, learned about the situation in depth, discovered problems, formed a deterrent, and successfully completed the inspection mission.9日,巡察组向公司党委报告了巡察有关情况。 On December 9 , the inspection team reported the inspection to the company's party committee.

G Lishuo pointed out that since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Wu'an Industrial Zone Party Committee has thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the important speeches of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and its previous plenary sessions and General Secretary Xi Jinping. Deploying and requirements for governing the party, strengthening party style and clean government, and anti-corruption work, conscientiously implementing the "two responsibilities", and promoting the strict management of the party and the management of enterprises according to law, and new progress has been made in the work of upholding anti-corruption and corporate governance. In response to the problems found during the inspection, the inspection team made seven suggestions to the party committee of Wu'an Industrial Zone.

Song Lien put forward requirements for inspection and rectification and emphasized that the party committee of Wu'an Industrial Zone should attach great importance to the feedback from the company's party committee inspection team, and that all regulations should be rectified and implemented in an orderly manner. It is necessary to strengthen the responsibility and take the main responsibility of rectification as a concrete embodiment of the strict and strict administration of the party's main responsibility. The party committee secretary and members of the team must firmly put themselves in, take the main responsibility, take the lead in implementing the rectification, and truly recognize the account and not shirk it. Real reflection and perseverance, to ensure that the rectification and reform achieve substantial results. The inspection and rectification situation shall be made public and accepted by the staff and workers. The office of the inspection leading group will organize supervision and inspection in due course.

Li Xiaodong made a statement on behalf of the Party Committee of Wu'an Industrial Zone. He stated that the company's party committee inspection is a comprehensive context for all the work in Wu'an Industrial Zone. Wu'an Industrial Zone will sincerely accept, fully claim, analyze the crux of the problem, and take the most resolute The attitude and the most effective measures put the requirements put forward by the inspection team into practice. The first is to improve the status of the issue. We must take the implementation of rectification as a major political task at present, strengthen leadership, and achieve full participation and interaction. The second is to fulfill our due diligence and establish a patrol and feedback rectification work leading group to study and formulate rectification item by item. Measures, thoroughly review the feedback from inspections, draw lessons from each other, draw lessons, formulate practical rectification plans, pinpoint the "crucial points" in the system and mechanism, and establish long-term mechanisms; the third is to strive for practical results and adhere to the implementation of rectification and reform with "Learning from Formosa and promoting The combination of "information management" continues to carry out the theme activities of "anti-waste, investigating problems, plugging loopholes, and increasing efficiency", follow-up, implementation and rewards of improvement proposals, promote lean management, and help enterprises achieve high-quality development.

人参加本次会议。 A total of 53 members of the leadership team of the Wu'an Industrial Zone, the heads of various functional departments and the Ministry of Industry, the full-time party branch secretary, and party member staff representatives attended the meeting./孙远花志朋逯浚图/韩超超) ( Text / Sun Yuanhua, Zhipeng Junjun, Han Chaochao)  


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