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Handan special tube: production-based research, high-alloy corrosion-resistant steel-grade products begin to take shape

With the development of the global economy, the demand for oil and natural gas, which dominates the composition of primary energy consumption, is increasing. In recent years, the shortage of energy supply worldwide has become increasingly severe, and the focus of exploration is gradually shifting to oil and gas resources with high contents of oceans, deep seas and corrosive media. 合金为代表的耐蚀材料在酸性油气开采中得到了广泛应用。 In order to ensure safe exploitation and complete resource utilization, for this reason, corrosion resistant materials represented by N08028 alloy have been widely used in acidic oil and gas extraction.

Because this steel grade requires cold work hardening technology. 合金产品还属于待开发领域,主要产品还要依赖于进口,邯郸特管国际销售部门综合评估企业实力,精准发力,承接此出口高合金耐腐蚀钢级订单,在前期研发基础上,此次以产代研,集中企业精锐技术骨干,成立研发团队,针对此次产品进行性能攻关,目前该产品小样性能已达到客户要求,具备批量生产要求。 However, in China, this type of Ni alloy product with steel grade still belongs to the field to be developed, and the main products also depend on imports. Handan Special Pipe International Sales Department comprehensively evaluates the strength of the company, accurately develops its strength, and undertakes the export of high alloy corrosion resistance. For steel-level orders, based on the previous research and development, this time research and production are concentrated, the company's elite technical backbone is set up, and a research and development team is set up to conduct performance research on this product. At present, the product sample performance has reached customer requirements and has mass production requirements.

坯料已经到位,前期订单排产,工艺制定等工作正在有条不紊开展中。 It is reported that the high-alloy steel grade N08028 billet has been in place, and the preliminary order scheduling and production process are being carried out in an orderly manner. (Guo Ling, special manager of Handan)


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