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Sichuan Construction Pipeline: Launching the theme Party Day of "Volunteer Labor Shows Party Membership"

21日,川建管道公司党委组织开展“义务劳动彰显党员风采”主题党日活动,全体党员干部、青年骨干、入党积极分子参加活动。 In order to give full play to the pioneering role of party members, on December 21st , the party committee of the Sichuan Construction Pipeline Company organized a theme party day event entitled "Volunteer Labor to Reveal Party Members' Charisma". All party member cadres, young backbones, and activists joined the party.

This voluntary labor is mainly to organize the castings warehouse area. Throughout the labor process, everyone moved waste materials, stacking products, and cleaned the site. The work was in full swing. Leading cadres took the lead, the old party members rushed to do it, and the young party members were brave. As the heavy work, everyone scrambled to organize the entire casting warehouse area cleanly, and the whole environment was renewed. Party members practice their responsibilities and obligations with their actual actions, fully carry forward the spirit of being able to endure hardships and fight, and realize that voluntary work by party members is both a demonstration and a pledge to join the party. Learn from practice.

By carrying out voluntary work for party members, it not only strengthens the cohesiveness of party members, but also strengthens the sense of purpose of party members and cadres in serving the masses. By brightening their identities, building their image, and setting an example, comrades of the party members carry forward their own actions without fear of suffering, fear of dirt, The spirit of not afraid of tiredness fully reflects the advanced nature of Communist Party members, and further sets up a good image of "one party member and one banner" in front of enterprise cadres and employees. (Li Shuying)

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