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Huangshi Xinxing: Party building leads a cohesive and honest process

17日上午,黄石新兴与资源投资公司第二党支部联合召开党建共建会议,结对成为党建共建及廉洁合作伙伴。 In order to give full play to the pioneering role of grassroots party organizations in “gathering people ’s hearts, promoting development, and promoting harmony”, and to build a new pattern of party building work of “resource sharing, complementary advantages, integrity, integrity, and common promotion”, in the morning of December 17 , Huang Shixing and The Second Party Branch of the Resource Investment Corporation jointly held a conference on party building and co-construction, and became a partner of the party building and probity.

-Emerging in Huangshi: Party building leads the cohesion, clean and co-construction starts a new process.png

At the co-construction meeting, the party branch secretaries of the two parties signed the "Party Construction Co-construction Agreement" and carefully reviewed the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee and the "Code of Integrity and Self-discipline of the Communist Party of China" to implement the general requirements for party building in the new era and In the new era, the party's organizational line clearly clarifies the rigid requirements for putting party branch construction in a more prominent position.

According to the co-construction principles of “integrating resources, helping each other, and seeking practical results”, the two sides have conducted extensive exchanges and discussions on quality management, cost control, risk prevention and control, and business supervision. "Promote honesty, harmony, and exert synergy". At the same time, put forward practical preventive measures and solutions to the problems existing in procurement tendering and engineering construction.

The two sides stated that they will carry out various activities such as organizational life and exchange of ideas in strict accordance with the co-construction plan, strengthen communication and collaboration, exchange work experience, share party affairs information, promote integrity and co-construction, and innovate the carrier of co-construction and co-construction, and continue to promote the construction of party conduct and integrity . (Cheng Qinghu)

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