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Company authorities carry out comprehensive evaluation of management personnel in 2019


25日,公司人力资源部、事务部在财富金融中心611会组织开展公司2019年度机关管理人员综合考评工作。 On December 25th , the company's human resources department and affairs department organized a comprehensive evaluation of the company's administrative personnel in 2019 on the 61st floor of the Fortune Financial Center. The evaluation team consisted of members of the company's leadership team and the heads of the departments and departments. The evaluation team adopted online and offline scoring models to conduct the evaluation fairly and fairly.


年重点工作完成情况和2020年工作计划做了汇报。 All managers of the organs reported on the completion of key tasks in 2019 and the work plan for 2020 . 年公司战略发展要求,以“学台塑、推进管理信息化”为契机,准确把握预算目标,制定了2020年工作计划。 In accordance with the company's strategic development requirements in 2020 , all departments and departments took the opportunity of "learning from Taiwan and promoting management informatization" to accurately grasp the budget goals and formulated a work plan for 2020 . Tian Jun, director of science and technology of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Technology, said that with the company's overall strategy as the guide, the "Trinity" management system as the support, and key project management as the starting point, continue to strengthen investment in scientific and technological innovation, internally and externally, and create a strong atmosphere of innovation , Stimulate the innovation vitality of all employees, and comprehensively enhance the company's core competitiveness. Yang Cen, Assistant to the Minister of Business Technology Management, talked about building digital twins of the company's production and operation decision-making command system, verifying and analyzing, modifying and perfecting, linking, integrating, and integrating, and establishing a model-driven mechanism for operational decision-making. Yang Xiandong, Minister of Human Resources, said that with the implementation of management informatization, agencies must change their functions, business revenues and services sink; truly do a good job of talent inventory and talent training, allow talents to achieve a reasonable flow, and provide talent support for the company's development.

The company leaders fully affirmed the evaluation and pointed out that it is necessary to break the routine to revitalize the stock, stimulate the vitality of talents, and cultivate talents for the company to achieve high-quality development. (Text / Chen Mingjietu / Yang Yajing)

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