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The special inspection and communication meeting of the inspection team of the party committee of the Group was held in Beijing


6日,集团党委巡视组对公司领导人员亲属和其他特定关系人所办企业与本企业业务往来整治情况开展专项巡视见面沟通会在京召开。 According to the unified deployment of the group's party committee inspection work leading group, on December 6 , the group party committee inspection team conducted a special inspection meeting and communication meeting on the management of the company's business and the company's business relationship with the company. Comrade Yan Yueping, the leader of the inspection team of the Party Committee, chaired the meeting and spoke. Li Chengzhang, secretary of the company's party committee and chairman, made a special report on the company's special rectification work and made a statement.


Comrade Yan Yueping pointed out that this tour covers the members of the leadership team of the second-tier company and focuses on the inspections of leaders and key positions of some third-tier companies. The purpose is to further consolidate the results of special rectification and establish a sound long-term mechanism. Forget the beginning, keep in mind the mission of the theme education special rectification work requirements, from the root to solve the "reliance on enterprises", benefits delivery and other issues, and institutionally cut off the chain of benefits delivery. Party organizations at all levels are required to conscientiously cooperate with the work of special inspection teams, comprehensively sort out reports and clues, and truthfully report the progress of special rectification. In the next step, the inspection team will conduct in-depth inspections at some third-tier enterprises, and talk to relevant leaders and key positions to verify whether the work process is solid and the results are true, which will further purify the political ecology.


Comrade Li Chengzhang stated that he will always adhere to the problem orientation, correctly face the problem and solve the problem, further deepen the special rectification, continue to consolidate the rectification work, and continue to deepen the rectification work in accordance with the principle of both symptoms and root causes to ensure that all problems are not solved repeatedly.

All members of the group party inspection team, members of the company's relevant leadership team, and relevant department staff participated in the meeting. 杨光路杨亚京图/杨亚京) (Text / Yang Guanglu Yang Yajing map / Yang Yajing)


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