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The company organized a plastics management promotion conference


16-17日,公司在武安工业区招待所二楼会议室,组织召开台塑管理推广大会,公司“学台塑、推进管理信息化”办公室副主任陈永峰主持会议。 From December 16th to 17th , the company organized the Formosa Plastics Management Promotion Conference in the conference room on the second floor of the guest house in Wu'an Industrial Park. Chen Yongfeng, the deputy director of the company's "Learning Formosa Plastics and Promoting Management Informationization" office, chaired the meeting.

The company's party committee secretary and chairman Li Chengzhang attended and made an important speech in Beijing in the form of a video conference. He first welcomed the arrival of the lecturers. He also pointed out that the conference was the most important training held by the company and the largest scale since the work of “Learning Formosa Plastics and Promoting Management Informationization”, and required all participants to attend the training. Personnel should listen carefully, think hard, and understand Formosa Plastics management knowledge, and strive to push the company's operation and management level to a new level.

The meeting specially invited Lan Weicheng, chairman of Formosa Plastics Network, and Zhou Meihua, deputy general manager of the group. They mainly focused on the management ideas, management systems, and management methods of Formosa Plastics Group, and combined with actual cases and methods to give lectures and field discussions and exchanges.


Mr. Lan Weicheng first explained the development history of Formosa Plastics Group, and shared the practice of Formosa Plastics procurement management, and explored how to use procurement and supply chain management informatization and supplier cooperation to obtain high quality, affordable, adequate At the same time, it deeply analyzes the target management and unit cost analysis of Formosa Plastics Group around the profit center system, target management and standard cost operations, unit cost analysis operations, performance reward systems, and improvement proposal award operations of Formosa Plastics Group. The trainees have a comprehensive understanding of the development history, management promotion and business philosophy of Formosa Plastics Group.


Mr. Zhou Meihua explained the specific management methods and methods of Formosa Plastics Group's execution, abnormal management, decision-making ability and knowledge management, so that students could understand how to implement Formosa Plastics Group's management concept more effectively.


门课程所带来的管理效益进行总结,并与学员们进行互动交流。 Mr. Lan Weicheng summarized the management benefits brought by the 7 courses in two days and interacted with the students. The trainees were enthusiastic and raised their hands to speak, expressing their doubts and opinions. The atmosphere at the meeting was warm, and the wonderful explanations of the two teachers drew applause from the scene.

余人分别在主、分会场参加培训会。 A total of more than 300 members of the company's leadership team, middle-level cadres with assistants and above at various functional departments, and leaders at all three levels and above, business backbones, and informatization personnel participated in the training sessions at the main and branch venues. (Yang Yajing)

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