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The company organized a training conference on "Learning from Formosa and Promoting Management Informationization"

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7日,公司在武安工业区招待所二楼会议室,组织召开“学台塑、推进管理信息化”培训大会。 In order to promote the work of "Learning Formosa Plastics and Promoting Management Informatization" and further improving the company's operation and management level, on December 7 , the company organized a training session of "Learning Formosa Plastics and Promoting Management Informatization" in the conference room on the second floor of the guesthouse in Wu'an Industrial Zone General Assembly. Sun Hong, the director of the company's Office of "Learning Formosa Plastics and Promoting Management Informatization" presided over the meeting.

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The company's party committee secretary and chairman Li Chengzhang participated in the video conference in Beijing. First of all, he welcomed the arrival of the teachers and hoped that the participants can seriously learn and understand, and truly apply what they have learned.


The meeting specially invited Shao Wanqin, a senior economist of Sinopec, and Deloitte Management Consulting Co., Ltd. to "learn Formosa Plastics and promote management informationization", respectively, from central enterprises "Do you want to learn Formosa Plastics, can you learn Formosa Plastics, how to learn Formosa Plastics" and "Iron and Steel" We will provide special training and experience sharing in the aspects of “ideas, concepts, and methodologies of industry transformation and upgrading”. At the same time, we will introduce the methods and paths of central enterprises to learn Formosa in combination with actual cases, so that participants can further see the direction, clarify goals, and increase power.


He Qishu, deputy secretary of the company's party committee and general manager, thanked the training teachers for their wonderful lectures. He pointed out that Xuetai Plastics promotes management informationization work. Once it is started, it cannot be turned back or shaken. The broad masses of cadres and staff must strengthen their confidence and perseverance. They must study hard, think deeply, actively discuss, and strictly implement them to ensure that Formosa Plastics advances its management informatization work and sees practical results.

Regarding how to carry out the next step of "Learning Formosa Plastics and Promoting Management Informationization", he put forward five requirements: First , he must unify his thinking and deeply understand the importance, necessity and urgency of the work of "Learning Formosa Plastics and Promoting Management Informationization". Sex. We must be vigilant, take the initiative to seek change, plan for the long-term, and promote high-quality development of the company; the second is to clarify the goals and tasks, and firmly promote the learning of plastics and information technology. 系统选型等四件事情; 三是信息化建设要按公司统一要求,统筹规划,分步实施。 It is necessary to promote the optimization of the company's organizational structure, centralized management of public affairs, build a comprehensive information system, realize integration of production and sales, integration of industry and finance, and integration of management and control, so as to orbit the company's operation and management. At the same time, it is important to introduce management consulting, Introduction of Formosa Plastics management ideas, promotion of master data construction, and selection of ERP systems. Third, the informatization construction should be planned according to the company's unified requirements and implemented step by step. It is necessary to implement unified planning, standard advancement, unified action, and step-by-step implementation. In accordance with the principles of Formosa Plastics informatization construction, “enter the source, apply multiple times, link up with each other, and check with each other” to promote the qualitative improvement of the company's informatization application; It is the participation of all members to promote the learning of Formosa Plastics and the management informationization work. Everyone in the company must actively participate, keep pace with the times, and participate early and take the initiative. Fifth, master the methods and study the Formosa Plastics methodology in combination with the actual situation of the enterprise. We must fully seize and take advantage of every opportunity to learn, grasp the methodology as soon as possible, and apply it in conjunction with our own work.

After the meeting, the participants discussed with Deloitte and Sinopec experts on the promotion of management informatization.


The conference was jointly organized by the Party Committee Office, the Party Committee Work Department, the Human Resources Department, the "Learning Formosa Plastics and Information Technology" Office, and the Information Technology Department. 余人分别在主、分会场参加培训会。 About 160 members of the company's leadership team, heads of various departments, heads of affiliated enterprises, and professional managers of information technology attended the training sessions at the main and branch venues, respectively. (Yang Yajing)

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