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- 建管业精品基地 创国际知名品牌 - Scientific research profile -Building a boutique base for the management industry
158 copies.png The company unswervingly follows the road of "science and technology, environmental protection, quality and efficiency", and has achieved sustained and rapid and stable development for more than ten years. The production technology and product quality of centrifugal ductile iron pipes have ranked the world's leading level, and the production scale has ranked first in the world. In terms of ductile iron pipe production system, increase the research and development of new products for ductile iron pipes and pipe fittings, and maintain the international advanced technology level; in the field of steel production, market-oriented, improve product added value, and begin to introduce, digest, and master automotive steel The core technology and key technology of excellent special steel products such as tool steel, achieve industry leading; accelerate the research and development and promotion of steel grid plates and steel-plastic composite pipes in new application fields, and the production technology is among the best in the world; In the field of bimetal composite pipe and special steel pipe technology, we have solved a series of technical problems encountered in the industrialization process of bimetal pipe and special steel pipe products, seized the market and the high ground of science and technology, and achieved key products to fill domestic gaps. At present, the company has 3 professional research institutes of cast pipe, steel pipe and steel, 2 research and design branches, 5 high-tech enterprises, and 2 provincial engineering technology research centers.

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