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- 建管业精品基地 创国际知名品牌 - Technological developments -Building a boutique base for the management industry

ww.png The company always puts technological innovation at the strategic height. Through the efforts in recent years, a relatively sound scientific and technological innovation system has been established, and technical innovation activities with new product development, quality improvement, process innovation and efficiency as the main content have been carried out, and relatively rich results have been achieved. The cast pipe products have been continuously developed for several years, and strive to improve the scientific and technological content. Among them, nodular cast iron pipe, self-anchored joint nodular cast iron pipe, cement mortar epoxy seal layer nodular cast pipe and other products have been successfully developed. At the same time, we have continuously enriched and optimized the development of excellent special steel and special pipes, especially the development of CrMo steel, high pressure boiler pipe steel, anchor steel, bearing steel, nickel-based alloy 028 oil well pipes and 825, 625 alloy pipes, and further consolidated And increase market awareness of "emerging" brands.

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