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- 建管业精品基地 创国际知名品牌 - Innovation System -Building a boutique base for the management industry
cx copy.png 主体,专业分会为评审主体,安全生产部为考评主体,研究院为研发主体,工业区和贸易系统为出资主体”的技术创新组织体系,激发各种资源创新活力,助力公司转型升级,引领行业发展。 The company always attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, always adheres to the innovative thinking of “integration into production and supports marketing”, starts internal market operation of three professional research institutes of cast pipe, steel and steel pipe, thoroughly opens the company's internal production, sales and research channels for rapid linkage, and guides Enterprises have deepened the cooperation between government, enterprise, research, and research to form a complete technical and economic chain from knowledge to products and products to services. By constructing "the company's technical management committee as the decision-making body, the professional branch as the review body, and the safety production department as the evaluation body, The research institute is the main body of research and development , and the industrial zone and the trading system are the main bodies of funding . The technology innovation organization system stimulates the vitality of various resource innovations, assists the company's transformation and upgrading, and leads the industry development.
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